Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Am I?

Today, my papa and I decided to take my car to church today. As I began going through the songs on my iPhone, I came to the song "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns. As my papa and I listened to the words he said something that really touched my heart in a simple yet captivating way. He said (paraphrased), "If we actually think about it, it truly is amazing what God has done for us. I mean, think about the hundreds of trillions of people who have gone before us. God knew their purposes, their thoughts, and their personalities. But He also knew their struggles, their hurts and pains, and their joys. And now, there is us. He knows all of those things about us too." What an awesome God we serve! One unlike any other "god" or god-substitute out there. One who shows us compassion and mercy beyond all explanation. Who are we really? That the Almighty God and Deliverer would even take time to even think to make you or I. That He would fashion you, breathe life into you, name you, know you. That He would create you, knowing that you have the free will to acknowledge Him as Creator of All or not. That He loves you so much and grants you freedom to love Him in return. It takes my breath away. There is no earthly explanation for this kind of love. It's foreign. It's supernatural. We were not created to understand all, but we were designed to be in love with Him and to live for Him alone. Dwell on the fact that we truly are flowers quickly fading; here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. Yet He still answers us when we call Him, He catches us when we are falling. He tells us who we are. We are HIS!

Love on Him and celebrate how precious He truly is!

Many Blessings!
Hannah Rose

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