Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I was reading today in my new book Falling In Love With Jesus, I was forced to think through something that I have been ignoring for some time. For the past six years of my life, every single time I tried to "give my heart away" to someone or something, I heard Him. I knew every single time that this would not satisfying my longing for love and intimacy. Even though it was still and small, it was there. He was there. And every time I heard that whisper, I intentionally ignored it and then rationalized to myself that I knew better and that things would work out. Oh how wrong I was! Every single attempt to fulfill my satisfaction through the world's offerings miserably failed. I seized every opportunity to avoid submission to his love because I "knew better." Earthly love seemed quick and easy to obtain. Earthly love is like getting a sugar-high before a race. You may be sustained and energized for 15 minutes, but then after it wears off, and you are exhausted. You cannot finish the race, or you simply lose. I see now how vastly different God's love truly is. His love never fails. It always endures. To finish the comparison... His Love is like eating carbs before your race. It will keep you energized throughout the race and you will be able to finish, keeping a steady pace throughout the duration. So, why do we settle? I do not know the full answer to this question yet. But I do know that earthly love is absolutely NO substitute for His irreplaceable Love. I have seen and tasted earthly love, and it fails... every time. I had to see my attempts to quench the thirst with cheap substitutes totally fail to see that His Love is so much better. It is the REAL DEAL!

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