Monday, January 11, 2010

Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

I have seriously underestimated the tenderness of God's heart. Many years ago, I had a cold, dark, and hard heart. Nothing could penetrate it. I hated crying because I considered a sign of weakness. I hated being compassionate, I hated talking to people. I didn't want anyone to see or know my heart. As I journeyed further along, I beseeched God, asking Him to break my heart. I begged for Him to transform it, to soften it, to shape it to be like His. I prayed, "Break my heart for what breaks yours." One area of specific hardness in my heart was towards my brother. I will not go into detail, but he has brought tremendous heartache and pain to me and my family. And I so hated him for it. To be perfectly honest, there was a point where I truly wanted him to die. (I am being completely serious.) I have never hated a person so much in my entire life. When I had asked God to break my heart and to make me more sensitive, I had no idea how seriously He took me. I cannot even convey the depth of transformation that the Father has done in my heart. I am only saying this as a testimony to the power of his compassion and sensitivity. I am at a loss for words to explain how deeply I love my brother now. I have never loved a human being so much. But what gets me is that this unexplainable love absolutely did not come from me. The love that I have for my brother was not deserved at all, to say the least. On the world's scale, I have every right to hate him and to wish him dead. This love is supernatural and is a lesser example of the all-surpassing love that Christ has for us. Anyway, to finish my original topic... Last night I attended a once-a-month event for college students at my church. During worship, the band played the song "Healer" by Hillsong United. A dear friend of mine told me long ago that whenever she sings that song, she sings it on behalf of my brother. As I stood next to her singing the song, I decided to sing it like she sings it. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and compassion towards my brother. I broke down. It was powerful and unexpected. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so real and so deep.
We celebrate and love a compassionate and sensitive God. His heart breaks for the broken and bruised, the crushed and confused. Don't underestimate the power of his tender heart. His heart breaks when we chase after things of this earth. When we don't return His love, He breaks. His tender heart so desires us. Despite the many times that I have failed and rejected Him, his mercy and love still remains. He still is there, waiting with open arms to embrace my broken heart. Love on his heart today. Celebrate His tenderness and compassion. Recognize that He is loving you with a sensitive heart. He is the only one who can show you the beauty of True Love.

Many Blessings!
Hannah Rose

(His) Healer

You hold his every moment
You calm his raging seas
You walk with him through fire
And heal all his disease

Let him trust in you
Let him trust in you

I believe
You're his healer
I believe
You are all he needs
I believe
You're his portion
I believe
You're more than enough for him
Jesus, you're all he needs

Nothing is impossible for you
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible for you
You hold his world in your hands

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