Monday, April 12, 2010

What's So Invincible About Love?

In my mind, I have pictured invincible love as being some great state of final understanding, where I'd be able to love God fully and almost perfectly. I'd be able to trust Him instantly, in every situation, and lean on Him completely. In my mind, when I reached this state, everything would be perfect and I'd be able to handle anything and everything that would come my way. But now, I am realizing that I am no, and will not, ever "be able" to do these things, at least not on my own. I've been waiting and trying to solve this "God puzzle," making his love something to be earned and completely conditional and unattainable. In my mind, once I reached a certain point, once I said the "right thing," once I did some deed, THEN I will know invincible love. But, I am realizing more and more that God never intended for his love to be like that at all. I kept becoming more and more discouraged, not being able to find the "tipping point," or the bridge to cross over into invincible love. So here comes the question, what's so invincible about this love? I mean, I keep tripping over little things, becoming more and more discouraged along the way. My life often seems like a never ending cycle of being overwhelmed and swallowed by his love, getting caught in life's tangles, becoming discouraged, and then being picked up again. But then, I realized, that that's it... What's so invincible about his love? It's being picked up again after we have fallen. It's God's grace, allowing us to walk in his love once again. Being invincible, or having invincible love, is not about having this perfect walk. What makes a superhero invincible? It's not that he pushes past the villains with brilliant ease, never faltering from conflicts, and then breezes through every situation with perfection. What makes the best superhero is that when he faces conflict, he stumbles for awhile, by is then able to rise and conquer once again. Jesus Christ's love is invincible because it has the power to pick us up when we fall. His unending grace is embedded in his love, and without it, nothing would be invincible about love.