Friday, January 8, 2010


As I had my quiet time this morning, I prayed that I would learn to abandon myself completely to His love. I am realizing more and more that I truly do not know how to love Him. I have come to the understanding that I have absolutely NO CLUE what I am doing or what it means to surrender my heart to His love and power. But I have the hope that the Lord will guide me step by step, day by day. I prayed to be "in-over-my-head" in love with Him and to be overwhelmingly and unstoppably devoted to Him. At the end of my prayer, I asked Him to show me the presence of His love's workings today. I then dragged myself out of bed and got myself ready for school. As I darted out the door to warm up my car a beautiful baby moose ran across the street. Now, a long time ago, I decided to pick something that whenever I saw it, it would be my reminder of God's love for me. To me, moose are the coolest animals, so I chose moose to be my reminder. (I call it my kiss from God.)
When I was driving home from school, I decided to listen to All That I Need by Generation Unleashed, and as I came around the corner, the sun's rays filled my car and I was caught in warm melody of radiance. The sun, such a commonplace constant in our lives, is one of the most remarkable evidences of God's true love for us. On top of it being essential to our existence, it is one of the most breathtaking sights. When you next see the gorgeous glowing rays, stop and recognize that this is God romancing your heart. He is delighted when He can lift your heart and make you smile. Recognize the intricacy of his love.

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