Monday, January 18, 2010

Destroying the Idols

I was inspired by a song I was listening to the other day that stated, "Destroy the idols that have taken your place, until it's You alone I live for..." During my quiet time the other day, I prayed that God would reveal to me some of the idols that have taken His place. (I say some because I know that there are WAYYYY too many to take on at once). He was quick to show me a couple of idols that have definitely consumed a large portion of my life. I have realized over time that idols can be anything. I used to think of them as maybe a certain possession that a person is consumed by, but now I have come to realize that idols can be anything. Whether it be food or TV, Facebook or myspace, sleeping or listening to music, an idol is anything that takes the place of the joy that Christ gives you. It is a substitute delight. It makes me sad to think about how many idols I really do have and that I have substituted the potential joy that the Lord offers with an earthly delight. It must really break the Lover's heart when his Beloved chases after false suitors and wastes her time pouring her heart, spending her time, and wasting her life away on something that will never love her back. We waste, or at least I, waste so much of my time chasing after things that I think will "love" me back, or at least, make me feel adequate and special. It makes me sad to think about how so many people in this world, especially women, are so lost when it comes to chasing after false lovers. We have been fed lies that we are inadequate, unoriginal, boring, ugly, worthless, and trite. It angers me so much when I see all of these commercials advertising ridiculous beauty products, clothes, and procedures that will, essentially, make you feel good about yourself. What they are implying is that there is something wrong with you, and you need to be fixed, altered, and/or changed. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?! These campaigns create "problems" with the way we were created and then offer up "solutions" that will cure it. One of the greatest idols in our world today (and I am totally guilty of this too) is our own image. We idolize fitness, health, "beauty," clothing, etc. It must seriously break the heart of our Lord when He sees how dissatisfied we have become with His creation. We have exchanged the truth of God which tells us that we are complete, beautiful, worthy, valuable, and holy in Him... for a lie.

Loving and Gracious God, help me to pursue you first. Destroy the idols that have taken your place, until it is You alone that I live for.


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