Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Starving Romance

I am beginning to realize how truly selfish and lazy I really am. For so long I have asked God why I cannot see Him or hear Him and why my love for Him often feels non-existent. I have finally found the answer...I am not devoting myself to Him (at all)! I make so many excuses as to why I can't spend time with Him. I complain about being too tired or not in "the mood." How pathetic! No wonder my romance with my Lord is starving! I am not feeding it at all. How can a romance develop or intimacy be established when time alone is not spent? A reader told me about this video, and I found it truly inspiring. I hope that you will also find it both encouraging and thought-provoking.

The web address for the video is :


Many Blessings,
Hannah Rose

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