Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Man I Want to Love; the God Who Fills My Desire

Today, I decided to take a look at my "What I Want in a Man" list, and came to an exciting discovery. As I read through the list, I saw how God has so surpassed all of these expectations for me. He has been present in so many ways that I haven't even recognized. And He holds the power to fill all of these desires that I have. I pray that the Father will teach me to run to Him for fulfillment. It is the only way I can quench the hunger and thirst for true love and intimacy.

The Man I Want to Love

"Strong, brave, and passionate, this man is characterized by a depth that radiates from his core. A strength that is under control, but ready and willing to take on opposition. A man of conviction and passion, willing to rise up in the face of adversity to do the right thing, to be present and pursue his purpose. Capable and committed to the cause of Christ, this warrior is devoted to the secret place and seeking the face of the Almighty. A servant from the depths of his heart; his strength is used for good. A man of honor and integrity, he will not tolerate the counterfeit. His tender heart creates an environment for the women in his life to flourish as the women they were created to be. He protects their hearts and emotions with genuine wisdom and concern. He raises up the next generation of men to be passionate lovers of God, and leaders in their spheres of influence. He is greatly respected by casual observers, and deeply cherished and loved by those who know him closely. His heart is fully devoted to God first in his life. He is a man of faith, a visionary, dedicated to the place of prayer so that he can go out into the world with the very heartbeat of Heaven. He is a hard worker, a trustworthy friend, and a loyal companion. He knows what he wants in life and he knows what he wants in a wife. He sees the value in what I have to offer, the beauty that I have to unveil, and pursues me with honor to win my heart. He sees the beauty in people and loves with the heart of God. A worshipper in everything he does, this spiritually mature man of God has specific goals for his life and he pursues them with zeal. Peaceful, forgiving, and compassionate, he seeks to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. A man I can respect and honor because I know that the Spirit of God is in him, he is a spiritual leader, and he will be my warrior when I need him. He is a protector and defender of those he loves and the truth."



  1. Beautiful, Hannah!! I can't wait to meet that man God has picked out just for you!! :D

  2. Hannah, I am so happy that you and Jordan have found each other, and that he fulfills the dreams God gave you about this so long ago. -Dad